About Us

There are many steps to real estate development: market analysis, site analysis,
project financing, land acquisition, marketing, government approvals,
contracting, scheduling and more. Catalina Development has turned this complex
process into an economic advantage. Because of our hand-on experience in every
aspect of development, efficiency, cost-control and cost-effectiveness are built-in
every step of the way.

Led by Randy C. Bryant, whose years of experience as a real estate planner,
government negotiator, construction president, field supervisor and project
superintendent, Catalina Development Company knows how to target sites
that will meet and exceed market demands. Catalina has developed
standardized procedures and formats to minimize errors and omissions during
purchasing, estimating and construction, thereby significantly reducing construction
costs. Catalina has streamlined relationships between architects, engineers,
suppliers and contractors for production, feasibility and cost effectiveness.

The bottom line couldn't be more concrete: money is saved and schedules are met.